Shotgun Wing – T

Widening the Gap in the Bucksweep

Widening the gap in the Bucksweep using the crack block.

One other way you can block the bucksweep from the gun is with a crack block by the wide receiver. We will generally do this when a team is consistently rolling a safety up on the TE/Wing side to out number us. The safety is not usually accustomed to playing a crack block so you gain an advantage. We like to run this to the short side of the field so it does not give away the crack block by the short alignment.

The only adjustment we make blocking wise is that the play will hit a little wider. The coaching point on the crack block is that if the flat defender is looking in the back field then get your head across and “step on his toes”, going for the big hit. If the defender is looking at you, then break down and “sit in the chair” and stalk block him. In the video below we get a log block on the OLB who is try to wrong arm the kickout block from the Strong Guard. Often, we get the down block from the wing on a 9-technique, the strong safety gets cracked and we end up kicking out the corner with the Strong Guard

For a complete study of the bucksweep from the gun check out the video “shotgun wing-t: the bucksweep and criss-cross reverse”. Navigate to it by clicking on the “Buy the video series” link.