Shotgun Wing – T

Fire Screen

Fire Screen

The Fire screen is a great play against the blitz. It fits the personnel of the wing-t well because the offensive line are used to pulling and kicking out. It is also a great play versus aggressive teams that like to get up field and disrupt. Because of this we will run the play on any down and distance. We like to run the fire screen to the one receiver side when the defense over shifts to our TE/Wing or when they roll to cover-3 to the TE side. The key to success of this play is timing and execution. The screen route by the receiver must be precise and unvaried. This is important so that the QB will know what to expect every time, and so that he can make a confident and accurate throw. The timing and execution of the offensive line must be precise and quick. They must know their assignment so there is no hesitation, and the play is run at full speed.

X Receiver: Responsibility: Catch ball then find the “Chute”. Inside

foot up. Step at a 45 degree angle with your left foot, take 2 more hard steps, planting on your outside foot and retrace your steps, coming back to the QB. By coming back to the QB, you make his throw easier. Also by retracing your steps, you bring the Cornerback to the HB who is looking to block him. You should be slightly behind the Line of Scrimmage when you catch the ball. Secure the ball, then look for the Quick Guards Block on the flat defender. Cut up inside of his block, then break for the sidelines. You will have a 4 yard “chute” you need to find. It starts just inside the QG’s block. Get to the chute and then break it outside.

HB: Responsibility: Corner. Aim for the numbers of the Cornerback. Your path will be flat, aim for 1 yard in front of where the X Receiver has aligned and get your head up into the hole. If Corner does not attack, then turn up and go get him. If the flat defender crosses your path, then you must block him. The QG will switch assignments with you.

QT: Responsibility: Defensive End. Kick set defender to get him up field. Engage him and ride him up the field past the quarterback. Get your hand on his hip to help accelerate his path. If he stunts inside of you, let him go and look for a scraping LB taking his place. Engage him and ride him up field.

QG:                 Responsibility: #2 or flat defender. Kick set defender to get him up field. Engage for a “one-thousand-one count then go attack the flat defender who should be sprinting towards the flats. Kick him out with your head up into the hole. He will be chasing the X receiver. If he sits in the flats then go up and get him. If HB blocks your man, then go find the corner.

Center:           Responsibility: #3 defender. Kick set defender to get him up field. Engage him for a “one-thousand one” count. Find the #3 defender and block him inside and away from the Chute. In the 4-3 defense, the #3 defender will be the Mike LBer. Do not chase him, block your area which is just outside the Playside Tackle.

SG:                  Responsibility: Seal inside pursuit. Kick set defender to get him up field. Engage for a “one-thousand-one” count then go find work. Look for backside pursuit and seal them off from the chute. Block your area which will be Just outside the Playside Guard.

QB:                 Responsibility: Freeze #3 defender and make an accurate throw. Secure shot-gun snap and drop a quick 3-step. Freeze the #3  and backside LBers. This is done by looking them off,  away from the play-side. Swing your shoulders back to the play-side and make an accurate throw to the receivers upfield shoulder. Lead him with your throw.

Coaching Points: Backside receivers should execute a route that will get the #3 defender (curl/hook defender on the strong side) in a bind. We will run the Turn route by the TE to get the #3 defender to drop to the 3-receiver side. Very important that the WR finds the chute, clears the chute, then breaks for the sideline.