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Welcome to the Shotgun Wing-T Main Page

  • NEW! The Belly Series Video and the Belly Series Part II. Check out the buy the video series tab on the right for more info or to watch the trailer.
  • NEW! All the videos have gone online! Watch on your computer or any mobile device. You now have the option to rent or buy.
  • From the Shotgun, the QB can read the Defensive line as the play is taking place. This adds a second component to any Wing-t play: the QB can pull the ball like an option. Also from the gun, you can add another WR so you can pair the play with a Bubble Screen component for the 3rd option. You just turned your favorite Wing-T play into a triple option! Find out how to do this within this website.
  • Find the Categories to the right.
  • You can explore the base run plays in the “Running Games” section.
  • Or if you want to add some passing concepts try clicking on the “Passing Games” section.
  • The “Videos From Past Clinics” link has some video footage of the Shotgun Wing-T from Clinics that Coach Murphy has spoken.
  • Finally if you want to install the Gun into your Wing-T offense, you can buy the video series, which has game footage, coaching points, and strategy so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

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