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  • NEW! The Belly Series Video and the Belly Series Part II. Check out the buy the video series tab on the right for more info or to watch the trailer.
  • NEW! All the videos have gone online! Watch on your computer or any mobile device. You now have the option to rent or buy.
  • From the Shotgun, the QB can read the Defensive line as the play is taking place. This adds a second component to any Wing-t play: the QB can pull the ball like an option. Also from the gun, you can add another WR so you can pair the play with a Bubble Screen component for the 3rd option. You just turned your favorite Wing-T play into a triple option! Find out how to do this within this website.
  • Find the Categories to the right.
  • You can explore the base run plays in the “Running Games” section.
  • Or if you want to add some passing concepts try clicking on the “Passing Games” section.
  • The “Videos From Past Clinics” link has some video footage of the Shotgun Wing-T from Clinics that Coach Murphy has spoken.
  • Finally if you want to install the Gun into your Wing-T offense, you can buy the video series, which has game footage, coaching points, and strategy so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

11 comments on “Welcome to the Shotgun Wing-T Main Page

  1. Lew Johnston says:

    Pat: This looks really nice! I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with it. I will talk it up on my website.

  2. Jay DeCann says:

    Purchased the 3 dvd’s from Coach Murphy. Very impressed with the quality of the video’s and the detail that Coach Murphy goes into the gun wing-t.

  3. John says:

    Hi coach Murphy’s I would like to say very impressed with you’re offense. I myself fell in luv with the wing t this year and did fairly well. My youth jv squad went 6-4 and made the play off. This is my third year coaching and maid it to the play off two year in a row. However, I really would like to go more on depth with the wing t because my knowledge I had trouble picking up the biltz and o line blocking. And last is you’re video user friendly for youth football. Coaches. My season ended two weeks ago and would like to gain more knowledge.

    Thank you and God bless
    Coach John

  4. Dennis Corbitt says:

    Just purchased the dvd set in Dec. I tinkered with the gun T at the end of this season and did have some success with it. The dvd set is great, but I would like to know the specfics on the QB’s footwork for the belly blast.

    Thank you,
    Dennis Corbitt

    1. admin says:

      QBs footwork for the Belly series from the gun:
      Our QB puts the wing in motion, when the wing gets to the tackle, we snap the ball. The Wing needs to drop step and be heading parallel to the Line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped. He should be as deep as the QB’s hands. When the QB gets the snap, he reaches the ball back towards the Wing for the mesh, while keeping his eyes on his key, which is the playside DE. It is the Wing that is responsible for the mesh, the QB must have his eyes on his read. As he reaches the ball back, he takes a 45 degree step with his playside foot. This is an important step because he doesn’t want to get his backside foot(foot nearest the wing) tangled up with the wing. From there, they are running towards the hole together while the ball is still in the Wings gut. By the 3rd step he will either pull or give to the Wing. The QB’s arms should locked out when the mesh is taking place, this gets a little separation from wing. The QB reads the DE for a slant. If he is slanting into the hole we pull and dip our shoulders outside. The HB must read the slant as well and block the 1st man outside the QT, which is usually a ILB scraping to replace the slanting DE. Our pre-snap indicator is if the DE is cheating to head up. If he try’s to slant from a 5-technique we should be able to block him.

  5. Ryan says:

    Hi Coach.

    Was wondering if you ever ran the buck sweep with the wing back to the quick side? Thanks.


    1. admin says:

      We have played around with it with mixed results. We haven’t worked on it alot from the gun, because of the reads by the QB. The reads would be different and we debated whether it was worth the practice time. We don’t want to add a play to the gun just to run it from the gun. The advantage of running your offense from the gun is so you have more options for the play, like bubble screens and reads by the QB. We prefer jet sweep to the quick side better than the bucksweep, so for us to only run it 1 or 2 times a game, it wasn’t worth the practice time to put it in the gun. So we just run it from under center.

  6. we have talked before with respect to the BUCKSWEEP and we have had quick success because we taught the techniques and the kids bought in. we have a few new defensive adjustments. teams are widening their DE and angling him directly at and between the TE & WB. they are obviously trying to take away the BUCK since the penetration is too hard and too fast for our guards. we ahve decided to block out that player with the TE and FOLD the WB up to the LB. WE CALL IT 24 C-FOLD or 25 A-FOLD with the HB carrying the ball inside the WIDE DE. PLEASE ADVISE. THANKS COACH NAV

    1. admin says:

      We have not tried blocking the bucksweep that way. But it looks sound. Here is what we would do. For us a slanting end is easier to block because he is going the direction we want to take him. The wing should step down and if the DE crosses his face, he is the wing’s man. If he does not cross the wing’s face then the wing stays on his path for the LB.

      If the DE is squeezing down hard or wrong arming the playside guard we will Log him. The second guard must read this and he wraps to the outside of the Log. (Log block is a wing-t term meaning you are reaching him instead of kicking out).

  7. Chuck Daniel says:

    Coach, we have a team here in TN that will Zone block the DE (4-3 defense) with help from the WB. They do this to secure the edge. They are under center as well. This seems sound, especially in the gun with the threat of the QB slipping out the backside with his read or throwing the bubble, which should slow down LB pursuit. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Take care coach.

    1. admin says:

      That is a great way of blocking the 4-3. Back in the 90’s we saw the 4-3 alot and that is how we blocked it. But now we see so many different fronts, we decided to keep our rules simple. So now we try to down block everything and kick out at the point of attack. We have found out if you get a good blocks by the TE and Wing the bucksweep will work well regardless of the guards. We have even had the playside guard pull the wrong way and run into our backside guard. We still made 4 yards because our TE and Wing had good blocks. So any blocking scheme that will seal off the play side edge of your formation will be effective.

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